FLIGHT Annual Conference Announcement

FLIGHT Annual Conference Announcement

FLIGHT Annual Conference Announcement

Dublin- 16th & 17th June

Our 2016 Conference – Relationships not Robots £180.00 per delegate excluding accommodation

Managing human resources in the hospitality, tourism and events industries presents special challenges.  The importance of building relationships with customers, and also between employees within organisations cannot be underestimated – this is an intensely human business.The increasing use of technology in organisations has the potential to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, and can help human resource departments to reach a wider pool of potential applicants through online recruitment and social media. However, some have expressed concern that increasing use of technology can alienate customers and employees, and can make finding the right employees more, rather than less, difficult.

The theme of the 2016 FLIGHT Hospitality Conference focuses on how technology can be used to benefit hospitality, tourism and events organisations – especially in relation to the recruitment and management of talent.  Educators and employers will come together to share ideas and experiences, supplemented by a series of inspiring presentations from our speakers.

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